There is no living with terrorism.  Anyone who thinks you can is an idiot.  So how do you deal with it and uphold the Constitution?

Step One:  Forget the travel ban, pass a law micro-chipping all folks wanting to cross our borders.  If we can micro-chip your Pomeranian, we can micro-chip all visitors. Put it in when the arrive, take it out when they leave.

What does do for us?  A lot.  It lets us track the movements of all visitors in our country.  We can catch all visa abusers, and send them home, never to be allowed in again.  We can follow for suspicious movements, not that there will be any.  Think about it.  If you’re a terrorist coming in, knowing you are being watched, you are going to have a tough time hooking up with other terrorists here. Does it violate the Constitution?    Not in the least.

Step Two:  Ban AMERICANS from traveling to other chosen countries.  Remember Cuba?  It was Constitutional then, and would be now.  What does this do?  It stops the idiots born here from traveling to other places to learn how to make bombs and perform acts of terror.  Anyone who tries to circumscribe by flying to another country first, and then into the “banned” country and then tries to come home?  Easy.  Arrest them at the airport, charge them with breaking a federal crime, give them their day in court… Then lock them up.

Step Three: How are we going to deal with the terrorists already here, or the ones being radicalized here?  We need to make a new law.  Stick with me on this one, as I am not a lawyer.  Here is my idea.  We already have laws on the books for aiding and abetting in crime.  The problems always come from having to prove the aiding and abetting.  For example, let’s look at homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh.  We, as Americans, would have been mad as hell if the FBI had arrested every member of his family, or his church, or his work and charged them with aiding, abetting, or collusion.  We don’t do that, and the Constitution does not allow it.  As much as folks want to say, “Close down that mosque” the Constitution defends it, and rightly so.  We can’t lose sight of our rules of law.  So we need a new law.  Call it the Two Ties Too Many American Protection Act.

How does it work.  Simple.  If any American is found to have two or more ties to any terrorist, or terrorist organization, then they have violated the law.  If you were Timothy McVeigh’s Minister, you now have a tie.  If you are found to have direct communication with ISIS on facebook, you are now going to jail.  Two ties to terrorism.  It would make the meetings of terrorists very difficult.  Driving them underground, cutting off funding, stopping training.  All those things become very hard to pull off.

If you are an innocent mosque, or church, or flipping garden club, you will be much more careful in your membership and associations.   The only thing I don’t know is if this one is Constitutional, but I’d love to see it tried.



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